Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crocheted Littles

I am not sure if this was "cool" in anyone else's high school years, but in my high school crocheted earrings had their moment in the sun.

While fishing through old boxes, I found a couple different patterns that we designed in Home-Ec class. 

A few years ago I made some accoutrement rolls for my knitting needs and crochet hooks... 

I have significantly more knitting needles than I do crochet hooks, but that is expected because I am pretty new to crocheting:

I found this Robin's Egg or Martha Blue colored crochet thread at a flea market a few years ago and decided to pull it out for this project. It has no label so I actually have no idea what it is made of or it's thickness, so I decided to use it for practicing:

I decided to use a size 8 steel hook for this project, just to practice with gauge and what-not:

I forgot to take a picture of the pattern, but this is the cute little earring I ended up with. One major thing I forgot to do was actually start the project around an earring like you're supposed to. Woops. I guess I was really just practicing anyway:

We are heading to the in-laws for the weekend in CT, so maybe I can bust out a few pairs and perk up my spring/summer casual jewelry collection.


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  1. Crocheted earrings? Well, I never thought of that! I guess that would be one way to use up some of my little crocheted bits. Happy hooking, Lauren! ;o)