Friday, July 22, 2011

Trying to be "with it"

Hi All!

As I was doing my daily blog stalking of all my favorites during lunch, I noticed that there are so many bloggers staying connected using Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, etc. Then, right after lunch I got a message from a good friend who said that I would LOVE Pinterest. First, I admitted that I had no idea what it was. Second, I went to the website and immediately fell in love. It is like your own personal inspiration central! Kinda awesome. 

But, of course, you have to link your Pinterest account to either a Facebook or Twitter account. Well, I don't know that I want to link all my blogging to Facebook (still undecided on that one). So, I started a Twitter account. That's how it all happened.

Given that, on my left sidebar there are links to all my accounts. Flickr, Ravelry, Pinterest, & Twitter. HOPEFULLY, I will have an Etsy store soon, so you can shop too!


1 comment:

  1. Gosh, you are really "with it"!! Technology can really make one feel like they are getting left behind, even if all they've done is blink!!

    I will have to check out Pinterest...I have a Facebook, but don't want it attached to my blog. Twitter is a good alternative! Thanks!