Monday, July 18, 2011

Ball Jar Inspiration

My first inspirational post is about beautiful ball jars. I love them. I LOVE blue glass. 

This is what my craft room looks/looked like from online pictures of the house. We haven't closed yet, so I haven't gotten in there for good photos. As you can see, there are built-in bookshelves on 2 of the walls. They are currently a lovely shade of hunter green (although they look black in the pictures).

These are my inspiration photos. I love the pretty blue hue of the ball jars. I really love this picture below and want it for my craft room. I do also plan on painting our shelves a white or light cream color and I think that it will look AWESOME with these blue jars.

oooo lalala more ball jars . . . I absolutely love this picture:

 Ok! There you have it... blue ball jars are the love of my life.


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  1. Yes!! That is a FABULOUS organization idea! I have been collecting various vintage canning & other jars for my sewing goodies when I get to that part of my sewing room decluttering.

    Deb from