Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goodbye, My Lover . . .

So, remember how I told you that we are moving into our gorgeous first home:

Well... that means I had to pack up everything we own for a while. Naturally, that includes my recent love:

As well as the rest of my quilting supplies:

Given that I won't have access to my crafting goodies for probably a month or so, I plan on sharing inspiration photos with you for a while. I hope you enjoy! 

Wish us luck moving. We have packed almost everything we own, except food, some bath products, and clothing we'll need for the next two weeks. I am staring at all of the boxes/garbage bags full of our life and DREADING having to move it all down 2 flights of stairs and then into the house. I also am sick of hearing myself whine about it.



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  1. Lauren, I am amazed you have so much packed already!! But, when the day comes...the adrenaline rush of your first house will come over you and you'll be hustling those boxes like crazy. And the nice thing about once you move in...then you can take your time unpacking. In fact, we may have a box or two which still is not unpacked from when we moved into our house
    22 years ago!! :) That's the beauty of it...they don't go anywhere! Also the down side!
    Deb from