Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wire Basket Storage Inspiration

I'm really loving these wire baskets as a storage solution for the bookcases. I am not sure how I want to store my fabrics. I might just fold the fabric and stack it on the shelves, but the idea of placing all of the fabric stacks in wire baskets also sounds like it would give a nice overall look to the bookcases.

Look at all of these beautiful baskets:

Wall-hanging wire storage:

 (I love these! I don't have any brushes to put in one, but I am sure that I could find something just as fun)

 (I REALLY love love this one. I can picture hanging it on the wall and storing all of my mail / receipts in it)

(Isn't this one great? Maybe it would be great for gift-wrap roll storage?)

Baskets for bookcases and maybe fabric storage?:

 (Ok. I won't be keeping lemons in the craft room, but these are the baskets that I envision storing fabric in. These are from the container store, aren't they GREAT?)

Other storage baskets. Not sure that these would actually fit anywhere in the craft room, but maybe for a garbage can? Or a great scrap bin?

Overall look:

(I love how this person lined all of her/his wire baskets with a linen/canvas look material. It really unified the look and softened the industrial feel of the baskets.)

What do you think? Are the vintage looking storage baskets a winner?

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  1. I like the look where can I get them?