Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Shower Gift

My very good girlfriend, Jess, is having a little Baby Girl named Annabelle very soon, like... within-the-week soon. 

For her shower, I asked her if there was anything at all she wanted me to make for the nursery, that couldn't necessarily be purchased. She mentioned having these old cushions for the nursery rocking chair, that she wanted recovered. I offered to recover them for her. 

I had her pick out any heavier weight fabric from Hawthorne Threads that she wanted for the cushions. She picked this great Anna Maria Horner print called Coreopsis. I love it. It is girly without being childish.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY BERNINA BINDER ATTACHMENT! IT IS AMAZINGGGG! I used it to make the ties for tying the cushion to the rocker. The previous cushion had ties, as shown. Using this foot to make the ties LITERALLY took only a few minutes, to make all 8.

I reused the old piping, and just covered it with new fabric for the new piping. 

I am a relatively new sewer and this project was really quite tough for me. It was pretty difficult to get the shape of the cushions just right, as well as sew them together, along with the quadruple piping layers, and actually keep my seam allowance accurate. It was tough.

I also tufted the cushions to finish them off. I totally forgot to take pictures of the process, but it was extremely easy. I followed this tutorial and it made the process fantastically easy. 

After the cushions, I needed an easy project to boost my confidence again. I wanted to make a little throw blanket for Annabelle's nursery as well. 

I VERY SIMPLY, took two yards of Anna Maria Horner flannels, and stitched around the edges, right sides together. I left a little hole to turn the work right sides out. Then I pressed the edges and stitched the edges to finish it off using my 1/4 foot. It was a super simple, and super cute blanket that is a great size, finishing at 32 x 42.

Here are some pictures of the finished cushions and throw. Keep in mind that this is my rocking chair, and not Baby Annabelle's. I don't think that her walls are swampy green!

Another project done! I am definitely learning some things along the way on this sewing journey. Only if I could accomplish more than one project a month, then maybe I would actually make a dent in My Bucket List.


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