Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{From Scratch Club} Food Swap Recap!

I just got back from another successful and amazing Food Swap hosted by the lovely ladies at the From Scratch Club. It was really great seeing some familiar faces from the previous swap like Deanna of Silly Goose Farms blog.

There were really and truly so many great items to swap for tonight. There were farm fresh eggs, curried lentil soup, yogurt, granola, jams and jellies of all kinds, and so many other homemade goodies it was hard to recount. It is just too bad that I only brought 12 items to swap, because I REALLY wanted those eggs, but sadly, the egg-woman did not want to swap for my caramels.

I will share with you everything that I swapped for...

 (yogurt with an orange glaze)

I hope you enjoyed the brief recap. I am a bit under the weather and am going to take a double-dose of nyquil and pass out for hopefully a full night sleep. 



  1. Oh, you. Salted caramel = crack. I'm never going to be right in the head again.

    Enjoy your tabbouleh and feel better!

  2. How fun! I came home with some great yummies too. It's funny though because I didn't even see some of the treats you brought home. There was so much to look at.


  3. Your salted caramels were delicious! My daughter absolutely loved them. Thanks for being so welcoming to a newcomer. Can't wait for the next one.